Tuesday, May 8, 2012

valley of flowers

the fragrance with the breeze,
the petals with the winds
bring forth the message
of life and it's kin.

the dainty colors and the
stem so long
sprout the vision of
bonds too strong.

the valley of flowers
a great preacher.
thus speaks to us a note
and ever be loving
with a flavour of strength
and a way of giving.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

my school bag

some scents and colors
few toys and chalks
some glossy books
and my tiffin box.

how lovely is my
little school bag
with pink waterbottle
and my mamma's pat.

the scents have changed
the colors are gone
the pat and the tiffin
have vanished with my mom

deep in my heart
i owe this treasure of childhood
more glaze and shades are added
to my books.

how lovely is my school bag
that has given me this look

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


i have arrived today a precious moment of my life when i can hold the love and touch of the light in every heart of my dear ones whom i have met till date and whom i am yet to meet. nothing is bigger than the feel i get from you all. the thrill in my heart knows no bounds that now i also will be ever in your thoughts through our these natural sharing. this energy will be more than any thing i need to achieve the sense of fulfillment , justify my coming to this world and reaching somewhere i don't know yet.
waiting to read your hearty sharing, and the moment i connect with you will always be my golden moment so i call my blog as LAMHE the memorable moments of life