Sunday, June 23, 2013

a divine moment

W H E R E  A R E  Y O U  M Y   B R O T H ER
I C A N N O T  P L A Y  A L O N E   !!!!!!!!!!!

 one day you will miss me!

i know the cloudS have left my shores
 i know the winds have changed their way
i know the flashes of past touch me today
but one day you will miss me too

when i was busy picking petals for you
the waves were swaying you away
when i was knitting your comforter
the warmth of life offerred YOU
 a new scarf

i was in tears of joy
 when the pure white glossy paper
took you away to the silver bow
but somwhere i knew in my heart
that this was the end of all.

with every ray of the rising sun
yet i still pray for your smile
but on every knock of the wind
i open my doors to see you for a while

long reahersals of  greet, fail to laugh
as i am secretly told
dear it is over! now leave the hall
away are your gimpses, you shine else where

yet i believe where ever you are
you will be fine but-----------
the day will come when clouds will return
and if iam not there, you will miss me!

you will find my traces of love
in the songs of the returning winds
but one thing iam sure dear brother
one day you will miss me too

 an ode to a departed brother

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